Iranian choreographic artist and performer


[4TH MARCH] Danse + Festival / Paris



4th march, 2018 – 6pm

Beyond artistic, musical and spiritual borders, « Trance Beyond Borders » proposes an immersion into a space where sound and movement are enlaced to become ONE, through a moto perpetuo which suspends time and soothes the soul.
Since the dawn of humanity, music and dance have been a means to induce ecstatic states of being and enter in contact with the Sacred. Here, the music of Bach and of Sufi rituals are united by an ostinato of repetitive patterns, inviting the body to trance in a spiral reflecting the movements of the cosmos. The two artists, united in the breath of the present moment, also surrender to improvisation and to the exploration of their respective instruments.

Music : Joanna Goodale
Dance : Rana Gorgani

First part : “L’Oeil Persan”company dancers


Joanna Goodale is a cosmopolitan pianist with English and Turkish roots. Her unusual path is marked with a high artistic creativity which she develops around bold and exciting programs that unite Western and Eastern approaches through pieces she interprets, composes and improvises.



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