Iranian choreographic artist and performer


Artistic approach

- creative process -

As a choreographer, my inspiration is influenced by the Persian culture and the Islamic Arts


A a dancer, my experience is at the service of the movement. Feelings and emotions feed my dance.


Dance is an art that touches the moment, fragile and ephemeral.

The tool of the dancer is the body. We work with the living, the breathing, the breath itself… As a choreographic artist, when I get on stage I want to convey what makes the essence of the dance: the link between music and the body. This dialogue is a movement created by the sound and movement of dance.

I am an artist solo or duo, with one or more musicians. On stage, the dialogue develops. Accompanied by musicians I create with music and for music. My specialty: improvisation.

I am committed to virtuosity, inventiveness and spontaneity

Every show I propose is an artistic adventure based on a single quest that music has the power to connect to the divine soul and reconcile hearts.

In collaboration with designers and costumers, my stage costumes are unique creations ranging from Persian or Afghan traditional dress, to dance outfits inspired by Persian miniatures and paintings but also dresses from the Sufi whirling dervishes.

In the service of my art, I work out every detail: costumes, staging, lighting, to beautify the dance in search of Persian influenced musical diversity, mixing authenticity and creativity.

Innovate and experiment with new ways to share the viewer a unique experience.