Iranian choreographic artist and performer


Dervish Experience / Silencio / Paris



A piece danced by Rana Gorgani
on a musical creation by Lico Nishimoto.

‘Neither from East nor West’, Rana is a Sufi dancer expressing herself by turning like a whirling dervish.
Founder of Compagnie l’Oeil Persan, she creates unique performances mixing traditional and contemporary art. Master of this dance she performs and teaches regularly in Paris, New York and Geneva.

Lico Nishimoto [the lico] started playing the piano at an early age in Japan. In 2004, after graduating, she left her home country for the United States where she began her career as a musician. In New York, she collaborates as artist-composer for many filmmakers then settles in 2017 in Paris where she lives today.


SPECIAL GUEST  : Simon Graichy

Simon Ghraichy is considered one of the most promising and well-known French musicians.
After having performed all over the world, he signed an exclusive contract with the legendary Deutsche Grammophon label. His last recording was unanimously hailed by the press when it was released at the Théâtre des Champs-Élysées in March 2017.


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